Located in Rensselaer County, NY, Ancient Threads Farm raises Shetland Sheep and dyes high quality yarns with a variety of natural dyes.  



Ancient Threads Farm really started in 1996 with two free sheep of indeterminate breed and a small patch of land in Grafton, NY.  We grew this farm to include a Scotch Highland bull, cow, a team of oxen, and occasional calves for sale. A flock of Shetland and Soay Sheep, a bunch of chickens, as well as several cats and dogs.  

In 2003, Ancient Threads formally became a business when we purchased a carder and went into the carding business, processing our own and customers wool and other animal fibers into roving and batts. Later we added dyed roving and dyed merino sock yarn. We got out of the carding business officially in 2006, sold the carder, but continued to dabble in the dyed yarn and natural roving business.  

In 2009, we left Grafton and moved to Pittstown, NY where we eventually purchased an old 172 acre farm near the Tomhannock Reservoir. When not doing farm chores, Tim is completing his Ph.D. and is a Viking era reenactor with a local group. When not dyeing yarn, Lynda works as a college administrator, knits and spins and is working on her Ed.D in Educational Leadership.  

Tim & Lynda Holt

161 Piser Hill Rd

Melrose, NY 12121




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Melrose, NY