Finally!  The podcast is available on iTunes


Apparently, they don't email you, they just expect you to figure it out. You have to go into something called Podcast connect and it was there and waiting for me.  I have no idea when it went live, Just happy that it finally worked out.   

Came into the office

I came into the office today for quite time to record and post the podcast.  I like being here on the weekend.  

The podcast worked fine until I tried to remember how to post it on the website.  I need to remember to put it in as code and not as an audio file.  Finally, I got it done.  

Finished a naalbound hat this week, and am working on the second.  My quality has gotten much better.  Now I just need to learn more stitches.  

I also finished some inkle weaving, and that is ok-not the neatest edges, but ok.  Next is to figure out pick ups, but that is going to take some time.  


Snow...At Last

From how little I have been writing here, it looks like nothing has been going on has been going on at the farm, but it has.  It has finally snowed in the Capital District.  While it wasn't fine to drive in today, it could have been worse.  

Thankful for a job with flexible hours, good coffee and my trusty Subaru.  Oh, and Tim plowed the driveway -  so I'm thankful for him and the tractor.