Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Ancient Threads Podcast! This week we will do introductions and begin talking a bit about what the podcast is going to be about.

I am Lynda Holt and my husband Tim and I own Ancient Threads Farm in Upstate NY. I talk a little bit about our history of farming and where we are now. We own about a dozen Shetland Sheep and really enjoy the breed for their easy care and maintenance, and the great spinning fiber.

This podcast will be a little about farm life, and my knitting endeavors, but really it is about natural dyeing and the tips and techniques that I have learned over the years in my dyeing business.

Lynda's knitting-

Currently I am knitting a plain vanilla sock out of a self striping in greens and pinks. I picked this up in the back room at Webs. I like to have a easy sock on the needles, and this is the current project. I like the toe up formula from Knot Another Hat. The yarn is Berocco SOX 1468 in pinks and greens. 


I also just finished the Saroyan scarf for a birthday gift for my sister. This was a great pattern and was a lot easier than it looked. I used Brooks Farm Yarn Riata in a beautiful variegated blue. Photos of my finished scarf can be found at http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Highlyn/saroyan-2.

I am also knitting a pair of Kilvarock kilt hose for my friend Kat. These are out of Knit Picks Stroll in a mousy heathered brown. I like the yarn, but the knitting is taking forever.

I talk about my dyepots, and what they look like, so here is a photo.


I also talk about how I keep track of what I am dyeing so here is a photo of my messy notebook (complete with dye stains!)


I'm playing with a few new dessert recipes to try and win the upcoming dessert contest in my office

Slutty Brownie Pie from Something Swanky. I did try this and it is really easy and really good, but it took a long time to bake and doesn't present well. Next I'll try Nutella Magic Bars,from Roxana's Home Baking, I jut have to pick up some hazelnuts.

Last I shared a few comments about Atholl Brose, I love Atholl Brose, a little sweet, super creamy and oh so good. Give it a try. I go this from Outlander Kitchen, a great site for traditional Scottish foods.

Talk to you soon,