Time for Fence Posts

As the snow allows, I have been continuing to clear a one and a half acre pasture I started last winter. The land is cleared and now it is time for fence posts. Given the winters we have now, I get a lot of opportunity for outside work that requires bare ground or is at least much easier without snow. Today I started splitting out locusts posts from a collection of large logs set aside for the purpose two winters ago.

If you are unfamiliar with black locust, it is one of those trees that defies the norm in that it grows fast, but is a very hard wood. For all intents and purposes, it also does not rot. I’ve found logs lying in the ground for at least a decade that were completely solid and made perfectly good firewood. In fact, the older it is the harder the heart wood gets. I suspect it has a heavy duty anti-bacterial agent of some kind, since the sap from the bark will sting your eye and slivers from it burn a little.

This post is a picture series I took splitting out the first post. Just 99 more to go!